Strawberry Cough Medicine

Think small, red, juicy and tasty fruits with little yellow seeds on the surface…? Perfect, you’ve got it right…strawberries! As you lay back on that couch or on the porch under your garden umbrella, munching away at the sweetness of those little goodness of nature, do you stop to think how they are grown, or better still, their origin? Well, grab a bowlful, relax and read on!

Though currently being grown in various parts of the world, North America and some areas in the European continent were actually the origins of the strawberry seeds. As you enjoy your strawberry it is also importance to know that apart from being consumed as a fruit, the strawberry has also, for over the years been used as a major ingredient in the production of cough medications, one of which is strawberry cough medicine.

Indicia and Sativa are two species of strawberry and which when merged together at the ratio of 1:4 respectively, breeds the strawberry used to manufacture the medication and known as strawberry cough remedy. While they are all juicy and sweet, one thing is for sure about this particular one; its taste and flavor is unrivaled.

Due to the genes embedded in them after the breeding, these berries adapt to an almost self reliant state and flourish into healthy, robust and quite beautiful blossoming plants. Surprisingly, unlike the plain normal seeds that are not hybrids, the strawberry cough seeds just require minimal fertilization for the plant to grow to a substantial mature height in a stunning 1 to 2 months duration; an impressive rate at that.