Natural Remedies Against Cough – 3 Easy Steps

If your baby or child is coughing it can be nerve wrecking for everyone involved. Getting up in the middle of the night when all you want to do is turn over and sleep is sometimes extremely aggravating and you must practice patience and lots of love to get through a period of coughing. You don’t have to rely on medicine from your local pharmacy to do something about the cough. In fact, there are great natural remedies against cough that you can apply right now. Read on and learn what you can do to treat your child’s cough, at home and without medicine!


This is a well-known trick and you’ve probably heard about it. If you never tried it before now is the time! Onion is a wonderful natural remedy against cough. All you have to do is chop a few pieces of onion and place them in a bowl or in a plate. Put this plate in your child’s room. It should be placed far away from where he actually sleeps since the smell of the onion can be quite strong and fragrant. The principle is pretty simple; the onion will attract whatever is making your child cough. Sound strange? It is, but it works and that is all we care about when our children are coughing all the way through the night!

Olive Oil and Salt

This is a natural remedy against cough which has its roots in the Far East. You take a little bit of olive oil and add some salt. Heat the oil till the salt has dissolved. When the oil is touchable you take it in your hand and rub the mixture on your child’s chest. This is a wonderful remedy for cough and it works whether your child is coughing dry or with mucus. You can apply it when your child wakes up from the coughing and before he goes to sleep. It is safe and effective!

Sleeping Position

Another great advice for how to make your child sleep with a cough is to place him on his tummy. Children often start coughing as lots of mucus and snot collects in the airways and to make it easier for them to sleep you should place them on their tummy. It is also good if the child can use a pillow and sleep with the head slightly raised. To make this work well you should check in on your baby every now and then and adjust the sleeping position.

These are some of the very best natural remedies for cough and they have proven to work both for Moms all over the world. Something you must remember when it comes to cough is that you need to act with a lot of patience and understand not to play around with your child’s health. If that cough has a deep and scary sound it is not smart to play around with your own mixtures of cough medicine. Go and see an MD that can listen to your child’s lungs and assess the situation. Natural remedies are great and should be used but never at the expense of your child’s health!