How to Deal With a Cough

A cough can be a small thing but it can cause a lot of problems. There are coughs that are very chronic and they cause one so much harm if not dealt with as required. Coughing is a common condition that almost everyone has experienced at one time or another. There are different reasons for people to develop cough and the symptoms are also different depending on the people.

When there is a sensation that is tickling at the back of the throat is usually the time that one experiences coughing. In this regard, there are two different types of coughs, these are the dry cough and the wet or sometimes referred to as productive cough whereby one brings out a discharge of either mucus or sputum.

Coughs are usually caused by sore throats or by common cold. These are the main causes although there are other many causes of the same. They can be easily noticed since the symptoms are usually obvious. One can use over the counter coughing medicines if the cough is not that severe but if it is extremely bad and it is accompanied by fever, difficulty in breathing and a discolored discharge, and then you need to see the doctors as soon as possible.

One can take cough lozenges to stop the coughing and other cough syrups that the doctor may prescribe according to the diagnosis made. Cough syrups usually cause drowsiness and this means that one should not do things that require them to be alert like driving when taking these medicines.