Homeopathic Cough Treatment For a Violent Cough

The best cough treatment is homeopathic. This is because homeopathic treatment only works by improving your immune system. And it can only do that by the selection of a medicine which closely matches your symptoms. Your symptoms and those of the best medicine for you must match in key areas.

Homeopathiic treatment in general, and not cough treatment in particular, relies on seeing a match between you and the medicine. It can be the cause (for example Arnica and injuries are typically a great match). It can be your physical symptoms. It can be your emotional symptoms. Or it can be the combination.

There are so many homeopathic cough medicines, because the cause is so varied. But there is one which is outstanding for violent coughs, which may cause the most trouble.

Drosera is a wonderfully helpful homeopathic medicine in the treatment of any severe or violent coughs. Coughs which seem to resemble the following picture:

  • violent spasms of coughing, which follow each other closely
  • the spasms are so close together, you can’t breathe in between
  • the spasms are worse in the early hours of the morning
  • the violence can cause a nose bleed
  • the coughing is so painful, you clutch your chest
  • you may vomit from the coughing, especially if you have just eaten

The spasms and violence are indicative of whooping cough – whose cough may or may not end in a whoop. The violence of the coughing spasms is the main indicator for whooping cough. And this almost exactly matches the Drosera symptom picture.

When you look for the best cough treatment, take into consideration your overall health. Try to improve that every time. Then you’ll get fewer and fewer health problems.