Cough Suppressants

We all know the old maxim that too much of anything is poisonous. Did you know that even failure to follow a doctor’s prescription even for a simple ailment like a cough could lead to the collapse of your immune system against cough attacks? For this reason let us look at cough suppressants and how to use them wisely.

Let us first understand that suppressants are cough medicines that fall under the category of syrups. They are used to treat dry dry coughs. They work by suppressing the reflex action that is the cough. The other form of syrup are the expectorants that are used for the productive cough.

It is important to understand that cough suppressants have a direct effect on the brain and the respiratory system and if we bask in that knowledge, then we will be able to realize just how much important it is to check on the intake of these treatments or medications. Those that work directly on the brain include dextromethorphan noscapine, ethyl morphine and codeine.

Some cough suppressants are vapor administered for example the vaporub which has menthol as the major ingredient. These are deemed necessary for severe levels of the cough although they may not suppress the cough 100%. Remember that severe coughing can damage the lungs to an irreversible state. Suppressants like dark chocolate are more effective for the dry cough because they contain cocoa which suppresses throat itchiness and you should therefore avoid using them for the productive cough as this may amount to abuse.